Zoya Urban Grunge Fall 2016 Collection

Today I wanted to show you the Zoya Urban Grunge Fall 2016 Collection. This collection was sent for pr purposes for review. Zoya nail polishes can be purchased at http://zoya.com

This collection  is a mix of six opaque creams and six scattered/linear holo’s and metallics. In general all the formulas are great and applied nicely. The creams are marketed as one coat creams but they are not all opaque in one coat. Courtney is almost a jelly and opaque in three coats, while Tara is opaque in between two to three coats. All the other creams are opaque in one thick coat. I want to make it clear that the way in which you apply polish may influence if the other creams are opaque in one or two coats. I was able to achieve one coat opacity for the majority because I do thicker coats. The metallics and holos are my faves and they all need two to three coats for opacity.

Zoya Urban Grunge  Creams 

First up is August a gray cream. I loved this and I usually do not go for grays. It applied nicely and looks sophisticated and perfect for fall.


Noah which although having an average formula was a little bit different than the rest of the polishes application wise. It is a 7 out of a 10 application wise but still applied fine. This taupe cream is perfect for the nude lovers. It is an easy balance between yellow and gray.



If you are looking for a perfect green Wyatt is the perfect true racing green . This polish has the best formula in the collection.



A great Prussian blue is Mallory which also applied perfectly.


Next is Courtney an almost jelly  formula. This beet route red was opaque in three coats .



Lastly  is Tara a purple plum with a pinky- redish undertone. This is my fave because it is not the typical purple or even plum. The pinkish undertone makes it pop, and was opaque in two coats.



Zoya Urban Grunge Holos and Metallics

First up is Alicia a silver linear holo with a touch of gold. This applied well and was two to three coats for opacity.


Finley is  a deep royal purple scattered holo with pink sparks. This applied well and was opaque in two coats.


Next is Merida a lush evergreen scattered holo. It also has aqua sparks and was opaque in one to two coats.



Britta is a berry metallic with a red and purple fuchsia flash. This polish was opaque in one coat and is the only one that dried dull . I would top coat this one for a glossy finish. Britta is one of my faves .



Ash is another one of my faves and is a  bright cherry with a red and golden metallic  shimmer.  I really love Ash because usually metallics are not my fave but Ash is festive enough without being too in your face. Applying evenly and opaque in two coats it was pretty easy to wear.



The last polish is Troy my third favorite in the collection. This is a liquid pewter with a foil finish and a touch of black and gold. It dried super fast and was also opaque in one coat. This gray was done really well. I literally cannot wait to wear it during the fall months. It  has a smooth application and would suit most skin tones.



My final thoughts are get the metallics . I usually stay away from metallics but Zoya did them so so well in this collection I would suggest them. I personally stay away from metallics because most of them have a harsher look to them but not these. Zoya managed to make the metallics in the collection look soft, fall ready, feminine yet edgy. My picks are Britta, Ash and Troy.

As for the creams I suggest August and Tara. Wyatt and Mallory are also great colors and I would suggest them if you do not have dupes. ( Mallory is not a dupe for last year’s Sia . I do not feel you need them both yet they are still similar.) If you are only looking to buy a few I would go with Troy and Tara/August. ( Sorry could not pick ;))

The only negative about this collection is that not all the creams are opaque in one coat as suggested but in general this collection flows well . The collection is a nice one despite not having a true red for fall.

Thanks for reading and as always for your time.