Zoya Wanderlust Collection Summer 2017 Review!





Hi guys today I am reviewing the Zoya Wanderlust Summer 2017 Collection. Zoya is a cruelty free and 5 free brand, and provided this collection free of charge in exchange for a review. The collection is available now at http://zoya.com  and is comprised of twelve polishes. There are  eight cream formulas and four shimmer finishes.



Sonja is a described as a summery crimson red cream. The formula is a little thick but still good, and this polish did become opaque in one coat. It dried glossy so no need for a top coat.


Cora is a muted coral cream. This polish does have a hint of pumpkin orange  and has a fantastic formula. I personally needed two coats  to get the polish opaque.  I would say it is between one to two coats  for opacity , depending on how you apply polish. Cora shines brightly  and dried down as such without a top coat.




Sawyer is described as a soft taffy orange cream. The formula is thick and it was opaque in two coats. This polish is one of my favorites and will be perfect during a hot summer day. It is neither too bright nor too bleak it is perfect for a summer pedicure. Top coat optional.



Lois is described as a rich magenta violet cream. The formula is easy to control and goes on very smooth, but  is a bit sheer on the first coat and requires two coats to achieve opacity. I would suggest a top coat since it dried down a bit dull.



Arbour is a rich olive green cream. The formula is very easy to work with  and  opaque in one coat. I personally feel this shade is a bit dark for the hot summer months and I think it makes the perfect fall green. I would also add a top coat for maximum shine.



Esty is a muted fuchsia pink cream. This polish is a blue toned pink and was opaque in one coat. It has an  easy to work with formula and a  glossy finish.


Byrdie is a rich bubble gum pink cream. Byrdie has one of the best formulas in the collection and is super easy to work with. It is opaque in one coat and dries glossy.



Winnie is a soft watermelon pink cream. This polish has a thick formula  which is a bit harder to work with and dries down dull. However the thickness of the formula allows this polish to be a one coater.



Scout is my other favorite in the collection. This is a shimmering moss green and it is sheer on the first few coats. I needed three coats for full opacity, but once it is on it is absolutely a perfect summer and spring manicure. The formula is very easy to work with and the polish shines so brightly you will not need a top coat. In different lights it may pull more green or yellow- chartreuse.



Journey  is a shimmering strawberry red.  This polish has a great formula, and takes between two to three coats for full opacity. It shines very brightly so the top coat is optional.



Mandy is a shimmering berry pink. This polish has a good formula and was opaque in two coats.




River is described as a shimmering cobalt blue. This polish is sheer but shiny. It required three coats for opacity and has a thicker formula.










My final thoughts on the collection 

Strong Points

Five out of the eight cream formulas are opaque in one coat. Most of the polishes have a workable formula and a lot of the collection applies effortlessly. There are unique colors for summer presented in this collection such as Arbor, and Scout. In general there are some fun colors for the summer months.


Weak Points

The thickness of the formulas for a lot of the cream polishes makes it a bit harder to work with and can cause pooling around the cuticles.

I myself would not have included three darker pinks for a summer collection which are all relatively in the same color family. A good addition to the collection would have been   a baby pink, as well as a neon lime and baby blue like a flash back to Zoya’s  “Blu” but maybe a gradient darker.


Sonja, Scout, Sawyer. If you can only get one, then I would suggest Sawyer.


There are also three new lipsticks available from Zoya  “Kitty”  a light pink , “Kay” a light red, and “Kirby” a summer orange pink . They retail for twelve  dollars each.  These lipsticks all have the same formula. They are all sheer and require a lot of build up in order to produce any color on the lips. I personally did not care for them and would not suggest them unless you want a hint of subtle color on your lips.







Thank you so much to Zoya for allowing me to review this collection, and to you for reading.